15 Plus Size Robes for Maximum Winter Style & Comfort You”ll Love to Snuggle Up With!

How is your work from home comfort and style coming along? Over on Twitter, we have seen a few folks call out their need for the comfiest and cutest of plus size robes. After we had rounded up a few plus size lingerie finds, the cutest of plus size loungewear, and even work from home tops that you may love, we knew that we had to oblige those of you looking to add a little more!

For us, robes are the perfect layering piece to your home life. Instead of playing with the AC or worrying about putting on the many layers of clothes, the perfect plus size robe will do.


And while there are a few of you who have an impressive collection of robes, both for the winter and summer seasons, for those of you looking for something new and refreshing, we have found a few suggestions!

For those of you who happen to run warmer, there are a few options that are still as cozy, without the extra layers that insulate…

From the slinkiest to the coziest, we’ve got you covered… or at least here to help!

We’ve Found 15 Plus Size Robes To Keep It Cute & Cozy!

How do you lounge in style? Are you looking for cute plus size robes that bring both style and function? We are here to help you with 15 plus size robes!

Did you catch all the options for plus size robes? It was truly hard to narrow it down to ONLY 15. We also made sure to include places that went above a size 3X, a few fun indie brands that cater to plus, and options that range from the classic to the most playful!

Did you catch that?!

A robe can make all the difference in how comfy and cozy you feel around the home, and with the various new options in plus size fashion, why not a new robe to help you get your drama luxe life on??

It is interesting to see the journey of a robe, once worn solely in bath houses and now seen as a luxe layering option to layer and lounge in, around the home.

How many fancy robes do you have? Are you a fan of rocking robes around the home?

Is the robe more lingerie or lounge wear for you? Did you catch our latest roundup of slippers and even the most playful of wide calf socks?

Let us know what you think and how you feel about them!

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