AS by DF, A Contemporary Brand That Launched Plus Sizes!

When it comes to finding new contemporary plus size fashion brands or designers in this space, it is always exciting to stumble upon a new one. Especially a brand who champions sustainable fashion AND one that includes and considers the plus size consumer. Such is the case with AS by DF, a contemporary ready to wear label, that recently launched and included a curve range in their assortment.  

“The classic moto leather jacket, one of the most timeless and cool pieces a woman can own.”

Denise Focil


And when you add plus size leather into the mix- recycled or upcycled plus size leather? Curiosity is immediately piqued. AS by DF is the brand by Denise Focil who started her brand in 2009 with one goal in mind: to make the perfect leather jacket.

“When I started AS BY DF My goal was to create and design the perfect leather jacket. I obsessed over the fit and the leather, I designed it mold perfectly to someone’s body. To me, this jacket is something that will never go out of style. Truly, there is nothing more sustainable that owning and loving something for life.”

Denise Focil

A Fun Discovery at AS by DF

I initially found As by DF on the 11 Honoré website… A newer brand giving us plus size leather options? I had to dig in. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when I checked out the size ranges, carrying up to a size “3X” (more like a 2X when compared to Ashley Stewart’s size chart) but their sizing is slightly different that most 3X’s we see. So, make sure you check your measurements and compare against their size chart.

So, when I learned that Denise Focil’s brand tackles sustainability in leather, gives options in plus sizes (up through a 3X or an 18/20), and is on a mission to be “carbon negative”? I knew that we had to share the details about this brand with you! Sustainable plus size leather options in FUN colors? You have my attention.


“As sustainability in the leather sector becomes top-of-mind for consumers, designers are strategizing how to maintain design quality, cost-effectiveness and authenticity with new material.”

Forbes Magazine

AS by DF’s mission is to create fashion with a conscience. Their goal is to “be able to leave this world better than we found it.” And the AS by DF is not for the conservative. From the pieces we have seen, the collection is for the confident or the person who wants their clothes to inspire confidence.

With leather or textured crop tops, skirt with thigh high slits, this contemporary brand is definitely for the one who wants to make an entrance or command attention.


According to an interview with Forbes, Denise Focil and her team launched a recycled leather collection. To create the looks you see, the AS by DF team acquires and sources leather scraps that would have otherwise been landfill waste.  

The As by DF team is an official partner of the non-profit organization Ocean Conservancy, an organization dedicated to cleaning up the oceans. AS by DF has pledged to donate $10 of every sale! They have already donated over $40,000 in 2022. 

“The next evolution of leather being completely animal-free; made in a completely green process. So, no emissions, no water used at all and made from all-natural materials. So, 100% natural and biodegradable, but it still feels and looks just like leather. You cannot tell the difference.”

Denise Focil

To find a designer who champions the environment, gives us clean and modern plus size options, and focuses on sustainable plus size leather options? Is impressive. Even more so? When looking at the options that Denise Focil gives us in her Curve range, you hardly see any design differences from the straight sized fashions, and this is appreciated.

“We’re in the sustainable field, environmentally friendly,” Denise Focil continues to share with Forbes. “We’re constantly fighting an uphill battle. I regularly hear, ‘No one’s doing that. It’s impossible. It’s so expensive.’ I know it doesn’t exist. Well, let’s invent it. Let’s work with our factories, let’s work with our mills, to create something. Let’s think of a solution… We’re innovating. And in that space, it takes so much resilience. So I always think, ‘If I give up, then my team is going to give up ten times faster.’ I have to be this person that you can’t wear down. Having that resilience has created an amazing team of men and women.”

You can shop the collection NOW, at or on!

I do hope that as the As by DF continues to grow, that they also grow their size ranges to include a full plus size size chart, up through at least a 26/28 to be on par with other plus size indie designers.

However, since this is the first dip into this space, I hope that they are able to receive this feedback with love and encouragement, because this is a wide open space in the plus size fashion world and we are liking what we see…

What do you think about this designer and the brand? Is this collection one that you could see yourself playing in? Sitting in your closet alongside a few other favorites?

Let us know what you think about AS by DF, their mission to lead in sustainable leather, and the options that we have to play in!

I for one, am extremely curious about this brand and we will be keeping an eye on what fun options they will have for us in the future!

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