Joie Extended Sizes?! This is Exciting! Contemporary Brand Joie Launches Plus Size Range!

Are you looking for an elevated contemporary brand that channels the bohemian aesthetic you have been searching for? As some brands have retracted their approach into plus, forward thinking and innovative brands lean in, to understand and give us what we need. Such is the case with the launch of Joie extended sizes.

We appreciate when various contemporary, mainstream brands extend into plus sizes. Not just a size 18 or 20 and calling it “inclusive,” but those brands that follow traditional sizing, including sizes up to at least a size 3X. At Joie, you can expect bohemian styled plus size options from a size 14 up through a size 28, or a size 0x up through a size 4X.

“More Sizes, Same Joie”

If you are not familiar with the brand, Joie / juh-wa / means Joy in French. You will find this brand in all the top department stores, in their contemporary designer sections (ex. Y.E.S department at Bloomingdales).

“We wanted to make beautiful, flattering clothing that reflects the brand as a whole. We use the same fit technique as we do on other sizes, with more attention to the way we develop it in order to see the same look and feel in every size.”

What to Expect from the Joie Extended Sizes Collection

Joie Extended sizes

Imagine our surprise when we stumbled across Joie extended sizes, while perusing the newest arrivals at Nordstrom! Immediately, we had to connect with the brand to learn more about this launch, their goals, and approach into the plus size fashion space.

A special shout out to Ig Influencer, Rachel of @lovelyinLA whose post inspired further digging!

“Joie has been one of the most sought-after contemporary brands catering to the savvy, fashion-minded, modern woman. Joie’s designs are constantly inspired by the Southern California lifestyle and its casual, yet sophisticated way of life. Feminine and effortlessly chic, Joie’s heritage offering includes a range of romantic dresses, bohemian tops, fluid sheers and soft sweaters, with denim, and shoes.”

Think the softest of silks and cottons in fluid, relaxed shapes, and flowing fabric in bold and intricate patterns. Joie is committed to “help every woman look, and feel, her best.”

With Joie extended sizes, you do not have to worry about a basic or watered-down version of their collection for the plus size shopper. You will see silk mini dresses, the same sumptuous knits, and the workplace essentials that Joie is known for.

With Joie extended sizes, available up through a size 28 or 4X, Joie stays committed to “creating clothes that are designed with outstanding attention to detail, impeccable quality, and time-defying appeal.”

And the Joie extended sizes collection is not just limited to their dresses and knits. We will also have a new denim option to play in with the introduction of  Joie Denim. This inclusion was intentional to “cater to a broad spectrum of women seeking modern styles that are made to last.”

Well, alright Joie!

You can shop the Joie Extended Sizes collection NOW at!

This is exciting to have more brands in the contemporary plus size space. Especially if you are one who loves a great piece of clothing that lasts more than a few seasons, that wears and breathes nicely, and has a timeless aesthetic.

We hope to see additional brands step into the arena, especially as there are experts and specialists that can speak to the community, industry, and marketplace.

What do you think of Joie extended sizes?? Does this new about a new contemporary brand stepping into the plus size fashion space excite and intrigue you?

Could you see yourself in a few of these options that Joie has for us?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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