Online Shopping Scams of the Week: Gevshop, Strangerwear, & Getuitt

This week we’ve discovered three online shopping scams, designed by scammers to obtain your credentials — and your money. Read on for the low-down.


Gevshop claims to be an online clothing shop, selling menswear and womenswear — t-shirts, underwear, footwear and the like. The problem is it’s a scam website. It was registered in June this year — which is the first red flag. Furthermore, much of its product contents and website design are clearly lifted from other websites (often scam websites themselves).

Online Shopping Scam_Gevshop website_20220725
Gevshop website

Furthermore, it has no contact information, ridiculous discounts of 50% and above, and a proliferation of bad reviews. If you shop at Gevshop, it’s likely you won’t receive anything other than an empty wallet.


Strangerwear is another bogus online clothing store — they appear to be cashing in on the font and style of the Stranger Things Netflix series phenomenon. To begin with, ScamAdviser awards it a poor trust score of 21/100. The website was also registered just this month, which makes it suspiciously young.

Online Shopping Scam_Strangewear website_20220725
Strangerwear website

Furthermore, there is no contact address or phone number, as well as the usual too-good-to-be-true deals. Our advice: stick with the TV series, and legitimate clothing stores.


Lastly, we have the bizarrely named “Getuitt”. Our friends over at ScamAdviser award it a shocks 1/100. In addition, ScamAdviser discovered that the website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS, using a paid anonymizing service. The company lists no physical address or contact number, and uses duplicate content on its website.

Online Shopping Scam_Getuitt website_Fake Amazon Prime Day_20220725
Getuit website

Its main webpage is a stub, and like the above examples, does not have a social media presence. Finally, there are no customer reviews or feedback. Our advice: don’t trust these guys to “get you it”. They’ll just get you broke and empty-handed.

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