TCFTurns14 with a MAJOR Giveaway with Big Fig Mattress

FOURTEEN Years. Can you believe that The Curvy Fashionista has been going strong for 14 years?! I find myself feeling incredibly blessed and excited about this journey of bringing YOU the latest in plus size fashion! And today? We are celebrating with Big Fig Mattress!

It has been crazy to look back at where we have come from to also ideate about where we are headed! What started as a blog to accompany and share my escapades into launching an online boutique, has transformed into a media platform for plus size fashion and lifestyle content! WHOA!

Over the past years, as we have grown and celebrated, we have partnered with various brands to give back to YOU! Well, today, we are extremely excited to link up with Big Fig Mattress to hook one of you lucky readers up with their very own Queen Mattress, frame, and foundation!

Plus size black friday deals - Big Fig Mattress

TCF is Giving Away What from Big Fig Mattress?

I recently moved (again), because of that, I had to switch up the mattress that I had for a Queen-sized Big Fig and my body has known peace ever since! Putting the bed together with my stepfather was both hilarious and easier than I expected. So, if I can do it, so can you!

Big Fig Mattress Giveaway

One of the biggest lessons I had learned this year was learning how to best take care of myself- truly. Addressing past traumas, taking personal accountability, and learning how to nourish my spirit. One of the top self-care actions I do not play with is my sleep. That is one thing that has been consistent for some time, and if I can help give that gift to someone else? I’m happy.

Worth wayyy over $1400, as someone who is a part of the Big Fig Collective, who has had Big Fig Mattress as a sponsor, and who owns their own Big Fig, I thought what a better way to bring in the new year and celebrate than with someone getting their perfect night of sleep!

My Big Fig Mattress Review- A Year Later

If you do not know, Big Fig Mattress is one of the first dedicated plus size mattresses on the scene. Created for bigger figures, Big Fig Mattress has quite a few benefits and features that you HAVE to KNOW!

The Big Fig was designed “from the ground up to provide a mattress that fits all of the needs of a bigger figure.”

The Big Fig Mattress Features:

  • Hybrid Construction- It is weird, it is both firm and soft- at the same time! Featuring up to 1600 individually wrapped coils under 3 high-quality comfort layers in every mattress. Then they add a ThermoGel quilted top to help keep your body cool all night long!
  • ThermoGel Cooling Technology– As someone who sleeps hotter, this is helpful! Their plush, quilted mattress top is treated with “ThermoGel cooling technology that activates with body heat to combat sleeping hot and night sweats.”
  • American Made with High Quality Materials– “All Big Fig mattresses are made right in Ohio by skilled professionals using top materials and techniques to ensure your mattress lasts for decades.” You can feel the quality, too!
  • Strong & Supportive– This happens to be MY favorite feature! “Holding up to 550lbs per sleeper (or 1,100lbs total), the Big Fig Mattress is best supported by our Amish-made, all wood foundation (rated for up to 2,000lbs!) and our bed frame made of recycled railroad steel.”
  • Durability Tested with Published Results– One of the first reasons I started supporting them… “We’re the first, best and only option built just for plus-size sleepers and we have the data to back it up.”
  • 20 Year Full Replacement Warranty– When I have worked at any Big Fig booth, this is a point I get excited to share with everyone! “We’ve promised you better sleep, we’ve said it’s built just for you, but marketing language aside…we’re putting our money where our mouth is with free repair and free replacement for the full warranty.”

Talk about impressive features, right? The Big Fig Mattress has come a long way in these past 5-ish years! They also have address mattress protectors too!  

And Guess What??

One Lucky Winner will Get their very own Queen Size Big Fig Mattress Experience!

Yes! In the form below, all you must do is take an action and for every action, you earn an entry point! The more actions you take, the more chances you have in scoring your own Queen Size Big Fig Mattress Experience!

Sounds exciting, yes?

Well, here we go and good luck!  

*Disclosure* We will share your email with Big Fig Mattress upon entry!

But you have to move fast as this giveaway will only be up for 7 Days!

This Giveaway will close on December 22nd at 11:59 PM PST!

Thank you so much to Big Fig Mattress for helping me celebrate 14 years of The Curvy Fashionista! Here’s to 14+ more!

Good Luck and Thank YOU!

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