Tips for Dressing for Winter in Japan

For those of you who are planning a vacation to Japan in winter, you have to pay attention to many things, one of which is about outfits. Not only so that you always look charming at all times, but because the weather in Japan is so cold. By the way, Indonesia doesn’t have a cold winter as cold as Japan. For those of you who are visiting Japan for the first time, it’s hard to imagine how cold Japan is in winter, especially in Tokyo. Well, this time will share tips for winter dress in Japan.

Winter in Japan, especially January to February, is very cold. Northern Japan regions such as Hokkaido and Tohoku are the coldest regions in Japan. Snow can fall in Hokkaido from late October, and from January or February in Tokyo usually. In winter, sometimes the temperature drops below freezing.

So, what to wear in Japan in December, January, and February? Here are some winter dress tips in Japan that will keep you looking good all the time! Consider these fashion ideas to stay warm while looking great this winter.

Warm Inside

A warm interior will be needed as a first layer and will help increase the temperature to at least 3-5 degrees warmer than the air outside in winter.

Use Tight Clothes For Bottoms

Tight clothing will help prevent cold winds. Replace wide-legged jeans with skinny jeans. Or you can use layered leggings and outside you wear a skirt or dress. This will keep your feet warm.


If the weather is really extreme, or the cold is too cold for your body to withstand it, the part of the body that is sensitive enough to accept this risky weather change is the ear. With a certain level of cold the ear can hurt and even bleed. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wear a hat or at least a sufficiently warm earmuff.


In addition to the ears, the neck is also a sensitive part of the body, especially when exposed to cold winds. Do not forget to choose a scarf with a warm material.


Boots will be very helpful especially if traveling to northern Japan where the snow is thicker than the south. Boots at least more than the ankle, or at least half a calf would be better. In addition to height, choose boots whose inner material can warm your feet such as fur, polyester, or other warm materials. Even better if you choose boots that are waterproof.

Down Jacket

Down jacket is a thick jacket made of polyester in general. With an ordinary leather jacket, it might still be able to withstand the cold of southern Japan. But if you go to the north in winter, you’re guaranteed to need a thicker jacket. And still use additional layered clothes in it.


Gloves are also required. Use gloves made of fashionable leather, or polyester fleece.

Those are winter dress tips in Japan, hopefully they can help and your vacation can go smoothly, exciting, and fun.

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